Line Dance Alliance

A few days ago Line Dance Alliance came into my head as a phrase. I wish it had come into my head when I launched my 2FeetLineDance a couple of months back.

Right now LineDanceAlliance, one word from now on, an entity (and this blog’s name, part of a URL) is mostly an idea in my head.
It’s me teaching line dancing at the Sebring YMCA.
It’s me talking about line dancing with instruction at a series of public venues around Highlands County.
It’s me sharing line dancing information with dance bands around and about. (I took a couple of steps just last evening in establishing just such a relationship: details once appropriate).
It’s me hoping to coordinate a variety of cooperative actions with other line dance groups, classes, other venues, organizations, clubs …

A mere two of my line dance pix were currently up at 2FeetLineDance. But the web is full of images:





About Paul

I've been dancing since the sixth grade, well enough apparently to be invited onto the stage: asked to teach it now into my seventies! I'm old enough to look like a vulture but when I dance I feel young, strong, lithe.
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